Nio was born in 2012. It starts from the core business, office furniture and then extended its range to all the Contract world: from the floors to the doors, from the office to home and hotels contract. Its strengths are the high dynamism and flexibility approaching the furniture world thanks to the reliability and the proven experience of the partners. Experience and skills of the people involved makes Nio a company able to work good both in national and international markets, always getting the best results.

Our mission is

Decorate working environment, following and guiding costumer in the choice of furniture and in its realization. Always happy to listen every request and ready to propose the best solutions. Our costumer satisfaction is our biggest goal.


We always believe business must not only looks to speculative purpose, but has social and environmental liability.
In a time of great change where some certainties are missing give guidelines able to assure is basically.


Creating our goods, we pay close attention to design, moving over pure beauty to conjugating supplies and manufacturing technical aspects with ergonomics and goods interaction with users and surrounding area.


Sensitive to environmental issues we commit to a chain careful to sustainability policies. Our standards pay close attention to recycling and reuse policies to cut environmental impact.